Back to School, Back to Pool - How Swim Lessons Help Children Get Back In The Swim of Things!

A Golden Perk of having a shiver-free, indoor pool? Swim season never ends! Back-to-School time is upon us, and as kiddos pack up their book bags with school supplies and head into their new classroom, with a new teacher and new classmates, they can rest assured that one thing will stay consistent - their weekly swim lesson!

Though schedules may get busier, Goldfish Swim School’s perpetual lessons model means flexible, easy scheduling. So our weekly, 30-minute lessons are a breeze to fit into your back-to-school routine! This is one of the reasons why we chose a perpetual lesson model, because we believe that consistency is key, and we’re not the only ones that think so!

Board certified pediatrician - and the o-fish-al pediatrician of Goldfish Swim School - Dr. Molly O’Shea chatted with us about the benefits of staying in swim lessons throughout the school year!

Cartoon of Dr. Molly. Meet the O-FISH-AL pediatrician of Goldfish Swim School. Dr. Molly.

Q: Does Physical Activity, like Swim Lessons, Help Kiddos Succeed in School?

Dr. Molly: According to the CDC, consistently staying active helps little ones settle their bodies and minds, helping them get ready to learn! When kids are active, they are able to learn better and have better relationships with their peers.

Swimmers are long known to be high academic achievers. The confidence that swimming creates is translated into taking charge in school as well! Swimming also is a highly repetitive activity. This aerobic, repetitive activity seems to create the optimal cognitive environment for learning!

Q: Should I Keep Swim Lessons In My Routine?

Dr. Molly: We know keeping littles in a routine is key! That’s why we stick to regular bedtimes, snack times and more!

Routines, structure and stability are key components that allow kids to feel safe and explore new ideas, get creative, and learn who they are. They can express themselves freely and feel that their world is reliable when these are in place. Having regular, predictable physical activities like swimming and swim lessons are a great way to have fun and incorporate skills, confidence and exercise all at the same time!”

Q: How Does Swimming Relate to the Classroom?

Dr. Molly: Believe it or not, they can go hand in hand! Swimming is an amazing sport because it is largely an individual sport. The competition is against yourself. Teammates are rooting for each other and are genuinely happy for every person’s progress. This is exactly what a classroom is like. Each student is learning at their own pace, for their own benefit. It’s not about ‘who is best’, but how can ‘I’ be ‘my best’. That’s the attitude every student should be aiming for!

Q: Balancing School and Extracurriculars - Is It Worth It?

Dr. Molly: The short answer - yes! Every family and every child is different. Finding the right balance of structured activities, unstructured time, and homework can be tricky. What is known is that all kids benefit from three things: physical activity, unstructured time and homework every day!

You heard it right from the doc! Staying in the pool all year long, especially during back-to-school season, is beneficial for kiddos - and parents! In addition to learning life-saving skills, kiddos are sticking to their routines, staying active and developing their cognitive learning skills to be the best they can be - in the pool and in the classroom! If you’re not already enrolled, now is the perfect time to start those lessons and get into a great weekly routine!

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