Fan Mail Friday: Write to World Champion & Olympic Swimmer Ryan Murphy!

It's o-fish-al! After crushing it at Swim Trials this past week, our brand ambassador, and favorite World Champion Swimmer, Ryan Murphy, is heading to Tokyo to compete in the biggest sporting competition in the world this summer—and we need your help cheering him on!

Here's How You Can Write to Ryan and Win Big, Too!

Celebrate with us and cheer Ryan on by downloading our GO RYAN stationery and emailing your words of encouragement (or best swim tips!) to!

When he's not busy training, he'll be stopping by our social channels to share some of his favorite fan mail. So be sure to tune in each Friday, because if he shares yours, you could win a Ryan Goes For Goldfish prize pack, competition-worn gear and more!

A Little Fish With a Big Dream

From water baby to World Champion Swimmer, Ryan’s dream of becoming a World Champion Swimmer and Olympic athlete started when he was just eight years old.

Today, his passion for swimming goes deeper than setting records and winning medals. As Ryan reflects on the profound impact learning to swim has had on his life, he realizes it wasn’t just a love of the sport he gained, but a life-saving skill that he’ll carry with him wherever he goes—a skill he believes everyone should have the opportunity to learn!

Text saying My Cause over an image of Ryan Murphy speaking to children

Your child's potential is there, too. Sometimes you just need to add water!

We’re so glad Ryan’s part of our Goldfish Family and are proud of the work he’s doing to introduce more kids to the sport of swimming!

Whether your little fish is just starting out, or ready to advance to the next level, we’re here to help them develop essential life skills they’ll use to make big waves in the pool, and beyond.

In addition to teaching kids how to be safer in and around the water, we use the Science of SwimPlay® to help kids gain the courage to dive into new experiences and develop the confidence to go after their goals—whether that’s becoming a professional athlete, joining student council or scoring the lead role in the next school play. And, if you have an aspiring young swimmer with big dreams of becoming a world record holder like Ryan, Swim Force can be a great way to help them continue developing their swimming skills and dip a toe into competitive swimming!

With more than 100 locations across North America, our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids ages 4 months - 12 years old how to swim, while giving them the confidence to make BIG waves in (and out of) the pool! Ask your local Goldfish Swim School whether they offer free trial classes for new members so you can test the waters for yourself, and see what the Golden Experience is all about!

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