Dreams Come True in 2022!

We’re Making Dreams Come True in 2022!

It’s o-FISH-ally 2022, which means new resolutions, new goals and new dreams. This year, we’re celebrating all of the dreamers, believers, and achievers as we help Make Dreams Come True in 2022! From swimmers to parents to Goldfish team members, we’re spending the new year helping encourage our Goldfish Family to dream big - and win big!

At Goldfish, we believe in helping our members raise happy, healthy and holistic little humans! We also know that life lessons are learned in and out of our Goldfish pools. So we want to encourage little ones everywhere to put pen to paper and visualize their dreams for the new year. And, while we celebrate and encourage our swimmers, we can’t forget about our crew! We know they’re each dipping their toes into different pools of possibilities, and we want to celebrate their dreams too!

Did you know goals are 50% more likely to be accomplished if they’re written down?

Kiddos, teens and adults alike have to work towards their Big Dreams. One fintastic way is to manifest dreams into a reality, and it all begins with a vision - the visual representation of all of the goals you hope you achieve. And what better way than on a vision board! We’re encouraging dreamers everywhere to get started on their very own vision boards to spark the ‘finspiration they need to make big waves in 2022!

Vision boards are FUN! They’re an outlet for creativity and help us get our thoughts organized into one place. They help children and adults alike set goals, visualize dreams, and stay focused while they work to make their dreams come true!

According to Dr. Molly, Goldfish Swim School's official pediatrician, what matters most is having your child imagine anything they want to do or be! “Ask open ended questions to encourage them to think about how those dreams would require growth or change, and translate it into an age appropriate goal that allows them to Dream Big!” And, most importantly she says “don’t edit ANYTHING!" Let their vision board be their own! As we celebrate the creation and completion of these vision boards, we hope to help our members and our crew build confidence, stay motivated and get inspired!

We’re encouraging families and team members to share their vision board with us on social media using #DreamsComeTrue22, so we can join in on the fun and help make those Dreams Come True! We’ll be sharing boards on our social media channels and giving out BIG prizes like Big Life Journals, Goldfish Swag Boxes, free months of swim lessons, and extras to help our Goldfish family get one step closer to making their big dreams a reality!

You can download our Vision Board template below, pick one up at your local Goldfish Swim School, or create your own to participate!

    Feeling ‘finspired yet?!

    Let’s dive even deeper!! From all of the vision board social media submissions, we’ll be choosing two team members AND two little fish to win the Grand Prize of $2022 to go towards making their dreams come true! We hope that with this extra special giveaway, our team and our swimmers are able to make big waves towards their goals!

    In addition to our splash-worthy giveaway, we’ll be launching a brand new finspirational video series with our favorite Goldfish Friends, like Dr. Molly, Olympic Swimmers Cullen Jones and Ryan Murphy, the Founders of Goldfish, and more! We’ll also be rolling out new tools throughout the next few weeks to help kiddos work on their goals - you can download some here to get started!

    So, to all of our Goldfish parents: keep raising dreamers, believers and achievers. And to dreamers everywhere: Let’s celebrate the new year by jumping into life’s pool of possibilities!

    Visit your local Goldfish Swim School for more activities, to grab your very own o-FISH-al Goldfish vision board, and to get limited edition Goldfish Affirmation Sticker Sheets to keep the manifesting going at home!

    Let’s make Dreams Come True in 2022!

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