Just Keep Swimming: 3 Benefits of Advanced Classes at Goldfish Swim School

While Goldfish Swim School offers swim classes for ages 4 months and older of varying skill levels, our Pro level swimming classes are for children ages 4-12 who have the basic swim skills down pat. Pro 1 and Pro 2 level classes are similar to our standard lessons, with 4:1 student: -instructor ratio and convenient, 30 minute sessions, but boast a special focus on mastering skills.

Here are 3 Benefits of Advanced Classes at Goldfish Swim School:

  1. Endurance Building by Swimming Extended Lengths

In going through our Mini, Junior and Glider swim levels, your child learns how to use basic swim skills and strokes to swim from one side of the pool to the other. In our Pro levels, he or she builds up endurance:

  • Flutter-kicking with a kickboard for four pool widths
  • Underwater flutter kicking for half of a pool width
  • Freestyle with side breaths for two pool widths
  • Flutter-kicking on back with kickboard for four pool widths
  • Flutter-kicking on back for two pool widths
  • Dolphin-kicking for one pool width
  • Backstroke for two pool widths
  • Breaststroke for one pool width
  • Treading water for one minute

Not only is this increasing physical agility, but the longer lengths and duration means your child is achieving better breath control and improved coordination. That's something we always love to celebrate!

  1. Focus on Advanced Swim Strokes

Swimming is a lifelong, lifesaving skill that we want our children to have -- for a plethora of reasons: To be able to stay safer in and around water, to have fun on vacations and in summer, and to maybe even use the love of swimming in a future career, that may or may not include professional swimming! Whatever the reason, we want your child to learn as much as possible about swim skills. In our Pro levels, he or she will work on:

  • Competitive Backstroke
  • Competitive Freestyle
  • Freestyle flip turns
  • Learn important elements of Butterfly and Breaststroke

Even though your child may "know" how to swim, there's still plenty of opportunity to learn more in the different types of swim strokes. Our Pro levels offers chances for your little fish to keep on swimming, to keep getting stronger, to keep mastering advanced skills to see those extraordinary results.

  1. Competitive Swim Prep in Swim Force

Once your child passes our Pro levels, it's time to advance to Swim Force, our swim team that allows children ages 5-12 to continue to build endurance, work on swim skills through a variety of drills, and prepare for competitive swim -- in a fun, no-pressure way! They will be guided by our skilled and encouraging coaches, who be in the water to teach our future Olympians all of the necessary strokes.

We're not interested so much in winning or losing on Swim Force; we're interested in technique and stroke development, and having a GOLDEN experience. It's about learning the ropes for competitive swim down the road, which is why we follow the same regimen as other swim teams, including:

  • Individual Medley
  • Butterfly
  • Breaststroke
  • Backstroke
  • Freestyle

Even though we have meets, Swim Force allows children to keep learning swim skills as our instructors continue to use integrity, compassion and trust to coach kids in their swim skills each week (this time in a 7:1 class ratio).

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