LOVEGoldfish: Being a Goldfish Grandparent

It’s not only kids and their parents who LOVE Goldfish Swim School: Grandparents do, too! Getting to watch your grandkids grow and develop their personalities is a pure joy, and Goldfish Swim School is the perfect place to do so.

Dolly Bogel LOVES bringing her 6-year-old grandson, Micah, to Goldfish Swim School in Birmingham, Mich. He’s been swimming there for a year and the benefits are evident in more ways than one!

Micah’s dad heard about Goldfish Swim School from other people in their neighborhood, so he enrolled Micah – for the socialization aspect, and to have him learn a new skill. And needless to say, Goldfish Swim School delivered!

“We’ve been very happy with Goldfish,” Dolly said. “Everyone there has been so friendly and knowledgeable and polite. They’ve really taken him out of his shell.”

What’s to LOVE about Goldfish Swim School?

Dolly takes Micah to his swimming lesson every week and LOVES to watch his progress.

“He didn’t swim at all before,” Dolly said about Micah. “His first teacher was a gal named Ashley. I was panicking at first because I didn’t want to see him crying – but they took to him and he had fun. Now he’s a Glider 2. I sit there and watch him and I’m amazed he can swim better than me! He loves to tread water.”

And Goldfish Swim School delivers on more than simply extraordinary results! The instructors display integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids how to swim, but everything is designed to ensure kids and their families have a GOLDEN experience every time.

Take it from Dolly:

“We just found it’s a fun experience in general,” Dolly said. “It’s clean, and there’s the private changing rooms. The fun décor. The snack bar. Good scheduling, and convenient times. Even at the front desk there, they have a booklet of bios on the instructors so you can see what they like besides just swimming.”

Plus, we add that something extra to make sure the kids have something to anticipate each week!

“We love all the little doodads on the counter,” Dolly said. “(Micah) looks so forward to what his pass out for the day is. It’s nice that they do that for the kids.”

And did you know that we have award ribbons for the kids, to celebrate their hard work?

“We’ve got (Micah’s) windowsill lined with ribbons,” Dolly said. “He must have a couple dozen. It gives him some incentive.”

We’re proud to consistently provide WOW! customer service, too.

“Thank you to everybody there, from the front desk to the teachers,” Dolly said. “I’m totally satisfied.”

Grandparents can gift swim lessons!

And grandparents: Goldfish Swim School lessons make GREAT presents for birthdays and holidays! Kids get so many toys these days. Why not give your grandkids the gift of an experience – and the gift of learning a lifelong skill  – instead? Find a location near you and sign up today!

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