Ready for Summer: Jump Start Clinics Help Kids Swim and be Safer in the Water

Are your kids ready for summer fun? Trips to the beach, pool parties and long summer days of swimming? Whether they’ve never had swimming lessons before, are currently enrolled in swimming lessons or just need to brush up on some swim skills, jump right in to our Jump Start Clinics at Goldfish Swim School!

What is a Jump Start Clinic?

Goldfish Swim School offers Jump Start Clinics in addition to regular swim lessons!

  • 4 or 5 straight days of swimming lessons. Instead of one 30-minute lesson per week, Jump Start Clinics are more focused with one 30-minute lesson each day for four or five days straight throughout the week.
  • For members AND non-members. Your kids don’t already have to be taking swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School to participate in our Jump Start Clinics!
  • Same skills learned in regular lessons. Your kids will still be learning the same swimming skills we teach in our lessons, but in a way that’s more focused on what your child needs the most help with – and the classes still have only four kids in them at most.

Why is a Jump Start Clinic beneficial for kids?

Jump Start Clinics are great for kids who are new to swimming or already have some swim skills, for many reasons:

How is a Jump Start Clinic helpful for parents?

Sure, a Jump Start Clinic is for the kids – but you’ll reap some of the benefits, too:

  • No long commitment. Do you want your little one to learn how to swim, but you’re not sure if he or she is interested in taking swimming lessons right now? Jump Start Clinics are the perfect way to test the waters and find out, without having to commit to lessons just yet.
  • Helps kids advance a level. If your child is becoming a little frustrated at not mastering a particular skill that would put him or her into the next swim level, a Jump Start Clinic can be the key to leaping over that hurdle, and you can both celebrate those extraordinary results!
  • Be ready for summer fun. When you are confident that your child is comfortable in the water and knows how to swim, it’s more fun to schedule beach days and attend pool parties in the summer.

Register NOW for a Jump Start Clinic!

Stop in or call your local Goldfish Swim School location to sign up for our Jump Start Clinics! Don’t delay; spots are limited! Available days, times and pricing varies by location, but you’ll still find our WOW! customer service at each and every Goldfish Swim School.

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