Parent Testimonial: 5 Reasons These Parents #LOVEgoldfish

Families can’t always squeeze in a tropical vacation: Between work, school and other responsibilities, it can be tough. But for Abby and Jeremy Stybel, a visit to Goldfish Swim School is like a little getaway. It’s warm, there’s water and best of all? Their two kids – 8-year-old Ella and 5-year-old Landon – love it!

Our families LOVE Goldfish and it’s easy to see why. The Stybel family has been coming to the Birmingham, Mich. location for seven years. Here are five reasons why they LOVE Goldfish:

1.Water Safety

Learning how to be safer in and around the water is something all kids should do, but for some it’s even more of a necessity.

“We bought a house with a pool, so it was really important our kids learn water safety and how to handle themselves,” Abby said. So, the family enrolled in Goldfish Swim School and have been feeling the LOVE ever since.

During each lesson, Goldfish Swim School instructors incorporate water safety skills appropriate for each age and skill level – and several times of year, we step things up with our water safety weeks. We want to make sure kids – and their parents – know how to stay safer in the water. (Do you know the answers to these 6 important water safety questions every parent should ask?)

And the lessons have paid off.

“I still watch them (in the pool), but I’m not worried about them,” Abby said. “They know what to do. They’re safe in the pool.”

2. Instructors

Our instructors at Goldfish Swim School have a passion for swimming, and they use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids how to swim – forming bonds with their students that increase success.

“I think all the teachers are great with the kids,” Abby said. “My son LOVES going to Goldfish. When he passes a level, or gets a ribbon he feels very accomplished. He gets very excited about that.”

Your kids will get excited, too! Plus, our instructors have ways to help kids with special needs learn to swim so you’ll have a GOLDEN experience every lesson. (And swimming at Goldfish Swim School also helps kids with ADHD in a bunch of ways!)

3. Skills Learned

Swimming isn’t just about being the fastest swimmer to freestyle across the pool. In each level of swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School, instructors focus on strengthening the building blocks that help propel your young swimmer forwarWater Safety Dayd – along with teaching new skills as well. Since Goldfish Swim School only teaches swimming, we have a unique intensity that help produce those extraordinary results that parents (and kids) love.

“We tried a community center, and sports clubs,” Abby said, “but they were all just ‘eh.’ Everyone knows Goldfish is the best, and they’re going to get the best swimming instruction in the area there.”

Beginning swimmers will learn how to properly get in and out of the water, breath control, what to do if they get tuckered out while swimming (including how to roll over to a back float, treading water and more) and how to go underwater. Then, as they grow, your kids will learn even more swim strokes – like the butterfly – and build those skills throughout the year.

4. Jump Start Clinics

Sometimes, kids may take a little longer mastering certain skills – and that’s OK. In fact, it’s to be expected. That’s why we created our Jump Start Clinics!

“We LOVE the Jump Start (clinic),” Abby said. “My kids were both stuck at certain levels last year, and they both jumped up after they did the Jump Start (clinic). It made a huge impact and it helped them progress.”

The Jump Start Clinics at Goldfish Swim School are five, 30-minute swim lessons for one week – every day, Monday through Friday – in addition to your child’s regular swim class. The clinics provide a way to focus on a particular skill or test the waters, even if your kids aren’t currently enrolled at Goldfish Swim School.

5. Birthday Parties

We like to have a little fun…and we LOVE to celebrate! Abby and her kids love how Goldfish Swim School takes care to celebrate accomplishments large and small – but there’s more fun to be had.

“They also LOVE the birthday parties at Goldfish,” Abby said.

Worried that not all your child’s friends will know how to swim, and therefore some parents may not be comfortable at a pool party? No sweat; we’ve got you covered. That’s why having a birthday party at Goldfish Swim School rocks.

“They do a swim test, and kids can wear life jackets,” Abby said. “And the teachers are all on top of things.”

Water safety is our top priority, and we’re ready to make sure everyone can enjoy being in the water while staying safe. It’s all just part of our WOW! Customer service we’re committed to providing you, your family and friends.

See for yourself!

Stop in a Goldfish Swim School location near you to sign your child up for swim lessons today. Kids as young as 4 months old can start learning how to swim so bring the entire family!

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