Why is Goldfish Swim School Bright and Colorful? (There’s a reason, really!)

At Goldfish Swim School, we’re focused on teaching kids to swim and be safe in and around the water. But, we also know that having a colorful environment makes it more fun for kids to learn such an important, lifelong skill.

Why colors matter

Imagine walking into your physician’s office for a doctor’s appointment. The walls are stark white, or perhaps a subtle beige, and there’s nothing exciting in the room except for a pile of magazines. Everything is a bit bland and boring. What’s your mood like?

Now imagine you walk into the office to discover the walls painted a subtle, soft yellow, and decorative touches like couch pillows, plants and artwork add other calming colors to the room. Now how do you feel? Much more relaxed, right? (Well, as much as you can be in a doctor’s office!)

You’ve heard about it before: Paint a room with red accents to encourage energy and stimulation, or perhaps a light blue to evoke a soothing vibe. Why? We’re conditioned from a young age to make connections with certain colors and feelings.

Think about the seasons. They all have certain colors connected with them, and those colors help you feel the seasons, don’t they? For instance, spring colors – such as green grass, yellow tulips, purple flowers – are all about new life popping up and the ending of the drab winter.

Behind the Goldfish tropical colors

Chris and Jenny McCuiston, co-founders of Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC, knew from the start that they wanted to make sure Goldfish Swim School didn’t look like every other swim facility out there. Inspired by their honeymoon in Hawaii, Chris and Jenny drafted the vision of what Goldfish Swim School would look like based off those colors – and the feelings evoked.

“We thought, we need to create a sense of calming, a sense of peace, with vibrant colors,” Chris said. So they started researching pictures of the Caribbean and Hawaii and explored what colors worked well together – and thought, “Can kids relate to this? Can parents get comfortable with this?”

Michigan, where Goldfish Swim School began, is far from tropical. Chris said he and Jenny wanted to make sure everyone could feel like they were on a Hawaiian beach or Caribbean pool while being at Goldfish Swim School. Beyond just the typical blues and greens of tropical places, Chris said they wanted to have a lot of color – and colors that would pop. That’s where the pinks and oranges came in as well.

“You want to walk into a facility and just get it,” Chris said.

Every color in the rainbow can be connected to evoking certain feelings and emotions, so why not take advantage of that in the best way possible at each Goldfish Swim School? We want learning how to swim to be fun, so kids have a GOLDEN experience every time. Vibrant colors help kids – young and old alike – bring out their inner boldness and confidence, to inspire and motivate, which produces those extraordinary results we love to celebrate!

Enjoy swimming at Goldfish Swim School

You’ll notice right away how Goldfish Swim School has a different vibe – but when you visit the location near you, you’ll also notice our WOW! customer service. And you can be confident that our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust in working with kids to teach them how to swim (including kids with special needs, so be sure to talk to us about any concerns).

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