Parent Testimonial: 5 Reasons to LOVE how Goldfish Swim School Prepares Kids for Swim Season and Increases Swimming Safety

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when families and kids flock to pools and beaches for a little outdoor fun. Are your kids ready? Goldfish Swim School helps your kids LOVE – and be safer in – the water. Take it from Christal Wilson, who sees how her 7-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, has improved with swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School.

Here are 5 reasons to LOVE how Goldfish Swim School helps your family prepare for the summer swim season and increases swimming safety:

1. Becoming comfortable in the water

To be safer in the water, kids have to be comfortable. And parents have to be comfortable with their kids being in the water, too! Some kids may immediately take to water while others need to ease into things – and Goldfish Swim School is great for both types of students.

“I definitely think that she’s safer around the water since she started at Goldfish,” said Christal, of her daughter, Brooklyn. “That was one of the first reasons why we enrolled her in Goldfish is so she could have a life skill and so that when she was out and on vacations she would feel comfortable getting in the water. I really believe that we feel more comfortable when she is around the water and knowing that in case of emergency she knows at least how to survive.”

2. Learning water safety

Kids become better swimmers by learning water safety and Goldfish Swim School’s instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach water safety skills during every single swim lesson.

“In terms of safety…those were some of the first things she learned when she got into the pool was the water safety,” Christal said. ‘What does it mean to be safer in the water, how should we conduct ourselves around the pool?’ – and she’s taken those skills and she’s applied them to when she’s gone to other camps and vacations. She knows how to behave in the pool she knows how to actually get in the pool so the safety aspect was important for us.”

Parent Tip: Read these tips on how to stay safer at an indoor pool!

3. Learning a valuable life skill

Swimming is a lifelong skill that benefits kids all through adulthood, and for Christal, it was important for her daughter to learn to swim at a young age.

“We just understand that this is a life skill. You have to know how to swim and if you’re going to start your kid in the water, Goldfish is the place to bring them because your child is going to be able to feel secure and the teachers are going to be patient,” Christal said. “I’m going to be honest…we’ve seen students come in and they’ve kind of struggled with concept of getting in water and the teachers are so patient with them so this is definitely the place to bring your child in terms of learning how to swim and having that first experience in water.”

(It’s true: Read one parent’s journey from tears to joy, where her son cried at his first lesson buy now loves coming to swim at Goldfish Swim School!)

4. Breaking the can’t-swim cycle

It’s not uncommon for parents to fear the water because they don’t know how to swim themselves, and you don’t want your kids to continue down the same path. No worries; it’s easy to ensure your kids know how to swim when you enroll the kids in swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School!

“I don’t know how to swim so I wanted to break that cycle,” Christal said. “We know that not being able to swim would almost put a cap on some of the activities that she could participate in and it would give her a boost of confidence. (It) teaches her discipline (and) it gave her an opportunity to work with others in a classroom setting before she went to school – following directions so these were all life skills that are important.”

5. Preventing drowning

It happens in the blink of an eye. Do you know how to recognize the signs of drowning, and help prevent it in the first place? One way to help prevent drowning is to insist kids learn how to swim.

“In terms of our family experience with swimming and water safety I don’t know how to swim, my husband knows how to swim – but he’s had an experience where he almost drown(ed) – (and) my daughter has had an experience where she’s gone under water prior to having swim lessons,” Christal said.

That’s one of the main reasons Christal LOVES Goldfish Swim School: It gave her daughter the skills she needs to stay safer in the water.

“In addition to mom not knowing how to swim, I had an incident when I was young where I nearly drowned – and I wanted to make sure that Brooklyn had that skill as well in terms of swimming,” Rod said. “I nearly drowned. And Brooklyn nearly drowned once before at a water park where I kind of lost my balance and she fell over off of a water tube, and from there she wanted to make sure that she could learn how to swim herself.”

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