5 Reasons to Keep Your Kids Enrolled in Summer Swim Lessons

For busy moms (and dads!), the end of the school year is a welcome break from all the classes, activities, homework battles and packing the perfect lunch. So after that last bell rings, most of us are looking to hang up the “Mom Taxi” keys, right? Totally get it. But listen: With summer comes beach trips, pool parties and boating. In other words: WATER. So, while you may think your children can take a break from swim lessons now that school’s out, you really shouldn’t.

Here are 5 Reasons to Keep Your Kids Enrolled in Summer Swim Lessons

1. Maintain Progress

Believe me. I know your family is busy in the summer. Graduation parties, vacations, trips to the beach and oh-so-much-more take up tons of time now that school is out.

Look at it like this: You don’t want your child to lose valuable reading skills in the summer, so you visit the library or join a reading program, right? To obtain the extraordinary results that Goldfish Swim School lessons provide, your child needs to constantly practice the skills he or she has been learning. If they don’t practice, they can lose those skills. You don’t want to sign back up in the fall and discover your swimmer has to start down a level.

(And don’t worry. If you know you’re going to miss a class, you can schedule a makeup lesson.)

2. Keep Getting Stronger

Not only will staying in swim lessons all summer ensure your little goldfish doesn’t backtrack, it’ll help ensure he or she will continue to grow as a swimmer! All summer, they’ll continue learning how to incorporate these Four Swimming Strokes into their routine. Who knows, after the summer he or she may even find it necessary to jump to the next level (which will cause far fewer tears than going back a level!).

3. Birthday Parties. And Pool Parties

Keeping up with swim lessons over the summer is beneficial to you, as a parent, too! Why? Because with all the summer birthday parties and pool parties you’ll be going to, you will be confident in the skills your little goldfish has acquired (and he or she continues to become a stronger swimmer every week). To be able to swim by themselves at birthday parties is something every child wants — and parents do, too.

And if your child is having a birthday party, you can even have it at Goldfish Swim School, all year long, since Goldfish certainly loves to celebrate!

4. Stick with a Routine

Sure, the first week or two of summer vacation is full of go-go-go and endless excitement over the freedom. But inevitably, there will be days of “What do we do today?” when all you want to do is not think about planning anything. Sticking to lessons over the summer keeps the routine going, which helps reign in summer chaos — and actually helps when school starts again. Your family will already be used to swim days and it will make things easier when fitting in any new activities.

5. It’s Fun

Seriously, swimming is FUN! And since summer is supposed to be the pinnacle of fun for kids, keeping them in lessons is really helping your kids have a good time! They can even splash around during our Family Swim Time and they’ll be able to go to our Kids Night Out How’s that for an awesome summer vacation?


To sign up now for Goldfish Swim School (and keep in mind 5 Reasons to Keep Your Kids Enrolled in Summer Swim Lessons for next summer), visit http://goldfishswimschool.com/swimming-lessons/ to find the location nearest you. Stay in school: It’s our GOLDEN RULE here at Goldfish Swim School!

Happy swimming!

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