Tell Us How We’re Doing: Parental Evaluations at Goldfish

With so many different activities at Goldfish, no two days are alike. From Mini swim classes to birthday parties, our staff is interacting with students and parents every single day. To make sure every trip into Goldfish is Golden, we’ve created a couple of checks and balances with you—the parents—in mind. Introducing: quarterly parental evaluation forms!

Photo of Goldfish Comment BoxJust like those little feedback cards you’ve seen in a hotel room or restaurant, parental evaluations are your chance to be honest with us on a wide variety of factors that influence yours and your child’s visit to Goldfish: class size, the facility, pricing, quality of instruction and, honestly, just the overall member experience.

We ask parents to fill out parental evaluation postcards for a week each quarter so that we can ensure that both new and veteran Goldfish members have an opportunity to share their feedback. As a bonus, locations will often offer free coffee to sweeten the deal. How could you possibly say no?

We know your time is precious between lessons. So, you’re probably thinking, “Why would I waste it filling out a feedback form that will never see the light of day?” Here’s why it’s different at Goldfish:

  • Your opinions help us make important business decisions. We’re not kidding! We analyze evaluations for patterns and trends at both the corporate and local levels. If we’re seeing negative feedback from dozens of parents on something in particular, we’ll find a way to make it better.
  • We’ll follow up with you personally. Let’s face it: some opinions can be awkward to share with us in person, and it can be easier to get them down in writing first. We guarantee a personal follow-up call to each and every parent who completes an evaluation.
  • Postcards for feedback are always available. If you’re not around during an evaluation week, don’t worry — there’s still a way to speak up! Just look for the bamboo box at the front desk.

Your feedback will help us build the next generation of happy swimmers! To find out when you can expect parental evaluations, ask a front desk representative at your local Goldfish Swim School! Or download your school’s yearly calendar card on the website. When you get to, just go the Find a Location button at the top right of your screen, and select your school. From there, click the Yearly Calendar icon, and you’ll have the option to download a PDF version.

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