Swimmers With Goldfish Ties Took to the Pool at Olympic Trials

There is no greater reward than watching one of your students succeed.

This was the case for several Goldfish instructors and Goldfish Grand Rapids owners Matt Watson and Will Alberts when three of their former swimmers competed in the United States Olympic Trials.

Bryan Williams (left) and Will Hamilton (right)18 year-old Annie Lazor, 20 year-old Will Hamilton and 21 year-old Bryan Williams each made a name for themselves, their state and their country last week when they took to the pool in several events.

Annie, a 2012 graduate of Birmingham’s Groves High School and soon-to-be Ohio State University swimmer, competed in not one, but two events: the 100m and 200m breaststroke. Annie took 51st in the 100 and an incredible 15th in the 200, making her one of the event’s semifinalists.

Matt, who coached Annie on the Birmingham-Bloomfield Atlantis and as head coach at Groves had nothing but glowing words to say about his swimmer: “Coaching Annie was awe inspiring. She never missed a day and worked her heart out. She helped me see why elite athletes are special. She was working out while her friends were hanging out. She truly deserves everything she has worked for and I’m proud she finished in the top 16 at the Olympic Trials as an 18 year-old.”

University of California swimmer Will Hamilton, who swam for Will Alberts at the Detroit Golf Club for four years, swam in four events at the Trials: the 400 free, 200 free, 200 fly and 100 fly. He took 21st on the 400 free, 46th on the 200 free, 59th on the 100 fly and a fantastic 10th on the 200 fly, grabbing him a semifinalist spot—a fine accomplishment for the swimmer from Franklin, described by Will as a good, easygoing kid with a great work ethic.

Bryan Williams, a member of the Michigan State University Swim Team, swam in the 100 fly at Trials, and clinched the 48th spot. For 10 years, Bryan was a swimmer of Will’s at the Detroit Golf Club where he was regarded as a hard worker with a positive attitude that just really loves the sport.

“Watching Will and Bryan gave me goose bumps,” Will reflected. “Seeing these two from the age of 8 to this point in their careers is extremely rewarding. I know that whatever they put their minds to can be accomplished, whether it be swimming or their careers.”

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