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Swim Lessons for Baby's and Kids in Anderson

Does your child want to learn how to swim? Gold Fish Swim School - Anderson is the premier swimming school in the area, offering low-ratio private swim lessons that provide one-on-one instruction and personalized attention for each student. Our certified instructors will help build strong swimmers through fun and engaging activities while keeping safety a priority. Our team of experienced instructors combines personalized instruction with essential skills so students feel confident and safe in the water!

You’ll be amazed at the progress your kids make after just a few weeks of private swimming lessons. Not only will they gain invaluable lifesaving knowledge but your child will also acquire important social skills which are essential for becoming an independent swimmmer like following directions, listening attentively as well as building self-esteem.

Discover the Goldfish Swim School Difference! We're a top-notch place for kids aged 4 months to 12 years to learn how to swim. Our swim lessons for children are specially crafted to ensure that learning to swim is not only safe but also loads of fun!

Why Choose Goldfish Swim Lessons?

  • 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio
  • Confidence-building curriculum
  • Flexible class times & free make-up lessons
  • Shiver-free, 90-degree pool
  • Safety skills, socialization & fun

Enroll today or call us at (513) 813-5534 and sign up for our affordable private swimming lessons now!


Goldfish Swim School instructors undergo extensive training, so you can trust that they’re fun, patient and more than qualified to ensure the safety of our swimmers.

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